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Wealth Management Advisory

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Wealth Management Advisory

We offer customised and sophisticated financial planning and wealth management services for high net worth clients. This advice includes the use of trusts, business succession planning and the setting up of family office.

Onshore/ Offshore Trust Services

We assist in the creation of both onshore and offshore trusts for clients.

Trusts comprise a written arrangement with a competent Trustee to hold one’s assets and to manage them in accordance to the Trust Deed so as to provide for the intended beneficiaries. They help safeguard the assets and to maximise benefits of the wealth to family members and other intended parties.

The offshore trusts often have the advantage of being located in tax havens and in being versatile in dealing with international investments.

Business Succession Plan

We help business persons to organise their business succession plan and to put in the necessary mechanism for it to work.

Business succession plan allows orderly transfer of a business or part of shares of the business to previously decided parties commonly upon demise of a business partner. The plan ensures that there is sufficient funds to support the transaction and is normally financed through an insurance policy taken by the shareholders.

Family Office for High Net Worth Clients

We help set up a family office to support high net worth clients in safeguarding their family wealth.

A family office is a private company formed for the purpose of preserving and managing a family’s own wealth for both current and future generations. It involves a comprehensive range of services including investments and trusts management, property management, accounting, tax services, legal affairs and succession planning.

Offshore Investment

VKA’s team of financial consultants can offer you an independent insight into the finest offshore investment products available; helping you to find the solutions that accurately fits your investment needs. VKA also has access to the full range of financial products managed by the leading offshore asset management and insurance companies in the best regulated offshore centers.

To find out more on how VKA Wealth Planners can help you, please contact us.

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