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Do you have a specific offshore investment product in mind and would like to go ahead and invest, read the product brochure or find out whether such an investment is actually suitable for your requirements?

Would you like to work with an investment advisor to design your own investments or construct a personalised offshore investment portfolio?

At VKA, our team of financial consultants can offer you an independent insight into the finest offshore investment products available, helping you to find the solutions that exactly fit your investment needs. We have access to the full range of financial products managed by the leading offshore asset management and insurance companies in the best regulated offshore centres.

An Exceptional Range of Fund and Assets
More than 4,000 mutual funds are accessible to you across a range of asset classes, geographical areas, currencies and investment objectives. These mutual funds are managed by the world’s leading fund providers including Blackrock, JP Morgan, Castlestone, Man Investments, Allianz Dresdner, Fidelity, Nomura, HSBC, Montreux Capital Management, VAM Funds, Alquity Investment Management and many others.Alternatively, you can access to hundreds of stocks, bonds, collective investment scheme and other asset types which can be linked to single contribution portfolio products.This is typically achieved via Life Insurance Wrapper contract provided by Hansard International Limited, Investors Trust Assurance (ITA) SPC, Archipelago Group of Companies, and Premier Assurance (PA) Group.

Benefits of offshore investing:

  • Tax Efficiency
  • Private and Confidentiality
  • Policy Protection
  • Stability
  • Greater Return on Investment

Whatever your requirements, from a simple financial review, the construction of a personalised offshore investment road map, right through to having the ability to design and build your own offshore investments portfolio with expert guidance, we are best placed to assist you.

To find out more on how VKA Wealth Planners can help you, please contact us.

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