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Building a Financial Bridge for Life: the VKA Way

VKA Wealth Planners is Malaysia’s fastest growing independent financial planning firm. A leading financial establishment in the country, VKA, synonymous with its motto of providing Value added, Knowledge based and Action oriented solutions has been providing innovative financial solutions to Malaysians since 2003. These have been the founding principle for the VKA Financial Group of Companies that focuses on financial services in serving the people of Malaysia from all walks of life.

With its operational headquarters located at the IOI Boulevard in Puchong Jaya, and the VKA Financial Group’s regional centers include Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bharu, Miri and Kota Kinabalu.

As Malaysia’s Top Choice Financial Planning Firm, VKA Financial Group specialise in:

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • SMI/SME & Corporate Financial Advisory
  • Wealth Management & Family Office Advisory
  • Employee Benefits & Talent Retention Program
  • Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Advisory

Committed to helping you reach your desired financial goal, VKA applies an impressively synergetic partnership between 4 entities that helps bridge your financial situation to your financial goal.

These entities are:

VKA Wealth Planners SB
VKA Business Advisory SB
VKA Corporate Advisory SB
VKA Islamic Wealth Management SB
VKA Wealth Planners Sdn. Bhd.

Formed in the year 2003, is a licensed independent financial planning entity that comprises professional financial planners. This is the company to approach for personal financial advice if you are thinking of improving your personal financial matters. You will be assisted in writing a personal financial plan, in investing judiciously through approved traditional and alternative investments that are local or from overseas, in seeking protection through approved local and offshore insurance products, or in planning for your estate. Wealthy families may find a key ally in VKA in forming a well conceived ‘family office’ specifically designed to manage family investments and trusts. It must be noted that VKA Wealth Planners Sdn. Bhd. does not manufacture any of the investment or insurance products thereby eliminating any potential conflicts of interest when providing independent financial advice.

VKA Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd.
This subsidiary unit of the VKA Financial Group specialises to serve the Small and Medium Enterprise and Industry (SME / SMI ) community on a dynamic of spectrum covering corporate tax, arrangement of bank loans and government grants for eligible Small and Medium businesses or industries, preparations for Initial Public Offer, accounting services, audit and tax compliance along with company formation and secretarial matters.

VKA Business Advisory Sdn. Bhd.
This is the “VKA Success Academy” that is charged with the key role in the recruitment, training, supervision, motivation, business planning, consulting, coaching and team-working towards the development of an effective distribution channel exclusively for the VKA Financial Group of financial services. Indeed, it is envisaged that this will grow into an academy in future.

VKA Islamic Wealth Management Sdn. Bhd.
Rightly so, this is the company that aimed to serve the Muslim community on personal financial planning and wealth management services that are shariah compliance and in line with the principles taught by Islam.

The VKA Financial Group has come a long way since inception and has set its sight on becoming Malaysia’s top choice as a comprehensive personal financial planner. In serving the diverse and often unique needs of customers, VKA has strategic partners and expertise made available locally and internationally and supported by online services.

In being continuously able to provide, broaden and improve its quality and range of services, VKA is constantly recruiting and training. Typically, fresh graduates join as Business Development Executives who would concentrate on developing skills in dealing with investments and protection while earning at the same time. These executives are then encouraged to take up professional and competency building courses as well as examinations so that they too can become highly skilled, independent financial planners or other forms of financial experts as per their choice.

In a nutshell, VKA is always on the ball and working endlessly to take professional financial planning along with all its support services to Malaysians, one and all, as a one-stop facility that assists people in managing their personal finance with enhanced effectiveness, in short, we want to be your Financial Bridge for Life.

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